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Data App (PTY) LTD Is a registered company that has built communications Apps for Unions since 2018. The objective is to assist Unions to upskill their membership base and get them 4IR ready. Our first project was to integrate an e-learning platform and assist unions to start doing online training with their membership.

Since then, we embarked on a communications drive and created a communications app that gave the unions a greater and easier means of communicating with their member bases via a push notifications tool. Many other communications tools are incorporated into these apps. Thus far we have built 15 Apps in the union space and the numbers are growing at a steady pace.

Data App developers use Flutter to build a platform that significantly reduces the costs of building native mobile apps.

Native apps provide better user interfaces (UIs) and user experiences (UXs) and the performance and speed users have come to expect. It’s the same platform used to build the apps for Facebook, instagram and more.


  • We Provide A Facebook-Style Communications Platform

    We create a custom dashboard to give members a quick view of recent community activities, interactions and more.

  • Your Mobile App Is Also Web Based!

    The full platform and course material can be accessed on a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

  • What We Build For

    Healthcare, Trade Organisations, E-Commerce, Education and Events

  • Online College

    Users can access their courses on the user dashboard, and once there, if they have completed any certificates, they can access them as well and course material is available even without an Internet connection with downloadable lessons.

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